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Reducing Our Household Rubbish: the Zero Waste Approach: Paekākāriki

When: - 20 Apr 2017 19:00 p.m. - 20 Apr 2017 20:30 p.m.

Where: Paekākāriki Scout Hall, Wellington Road, Paekākāriki


Reducing Our Household Rubbish: the Zero Waste Approach 

Join Zero Waste Wellingtonians, Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince for an interactive introduction to the hows and the whys of life without a rubbish bin: 
"Drawing on our own research and two years of experience living zero waste, we delve into the practicalities and the philosophy of waste reduction and how this can affect your life, beyond the bin. We discuss innovative examples of waste minimisation policy, practice and thinking from around the globe, and how these might inform community-level waste reduction. And of course, we share practical tips - developed from our own personal homelab experiments, creative shop-hopping and elaborate life hacks - on how to survive without a rubbish bin. We'll have the ingredients to try out some of our key recipes, so you can get started in no time!"
This event is free and everyone is welcome. Some zero waste nibbles will be provided to stave off hunger pangs!

Hannah and Liam have been living zero waste in Wellington for two years. For several months they have been running public presentations, home demonstrations, going to schools and businesses, and also academic and other public panels and conferences, talking about why and how individuals and families can reduce their household waste.

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