This section details the planning undertaken by the Council to improve the lifestyle and resources within the District.  You will also find information for you next building project and when to get resource consent. 

Building Control

Council's Building team can help you with a range of building needs and requirements including: building consent applications and amendments projec...

Resource Consents

Any development, subdivision or other proposed use of a site must be assessed against the Council's District Plan . The District Plan contains rule...

District Plan

The District Plan is the guiding document for sustainable management of the district's natural and physical resources. Every city and district...

District Plan Review

Provisions relating to Coastal Hazard Management Areas, hazardous substances and facilities, and priority areas for restoration have been withdrawn.

Development Impact Fees

This page outlines details of Development Contributions and Financial Contributions (collectively known as Development Impact Fees) for the current...


The Kāpiti Coast District Council welcomes and values input from the people of the Kāpiti Coast District.

Long term plan

Thank you for all your feedback on our draft long term plan. Submissions are now closed and final decisions will be made in June after public...

Annual Plan

Final approval of the Annual Plan for 2014/15 occurred at the Council meeting of 26 June 2014.

Community Outcomes

The vision for the Kāpiti Coast's future is an exciting one and each community on the Coast has its own view of the flavour and colour of that...


As part of our sustainable development focus we are running a competition to find Kāpiti Coast's Greenest Street. Check out the details, rules and...

Kāpiti Coast District Council Contact Details

Kāpiti Coast District Council
175 Rimu Road
Private Bag 60601
Paraparaumu 5254

Phone: (04) 296 4700
Toll free: 0800 486 486
Fax: (04) 296 4830 

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