Kāpiti Coast District Council operates four public cemeteries at Ōtaki, Waikanae and Paraparaumu, and maintains a small historic cemetery at MacKays Crossing.

Enquiries and Bookings

For all enquiries, contact our Sexton or Customer Services on 04 296 4700 or 0800 486 486, or email kapiti.council@kapiticoast.govt.nz.  To ensure booking confirmation, all bookings must be made during working hours, Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm.

24 Hours Notice Required
Our Sexton needs all documentation at least 24 hours before casket burials and ash interments.  

Cremations are undertaken at two privately run crematoriums:

For more information about cremations on the Kāpiti Coast please contact one of the funeral homes listed above.

Council Policy

All burials and ash interments are carried out in accordance with the Burial and Cremation Act 1964 and Council's Cemetery Bylaw 2010.

Cemeteries Database Search

The Council's cemetery records can be viewed online.  View records from 1896 to the present day. View records from the following dates to the prese...

Purchase a Plot

You can apply to buy a plot for burial or ash interment.  Ashes plots can be reserved but plots for burial cannot. Contact our Sexton if you would...


In general, ashes can be collected 24 hours after the cremation. Special arrangements can be made with the funeral director for earlier collection....


Burials are available at Ōtaki, Waikanae and Awa Tapu Cemeteries.  At Paraparaumu Beach Cemetery only second interments in existing family plots...

Otaki Cemetery

Ōtaki Cemetery, set on 3.9 hectares of semi-rural land, is the oldest cemetery in Kāpiti and the first to offer natural burials. Plot map: Ōtaki...

Waikanae Cemetery

Waikanae Cemetery, set on 2.4 hectares of semi-rural land, which includes 0.5 hectares of native bush.  The cemetery was the first in Kāpiti to hav...

Awa Tapu Cemetery

Awa Tapu Cemetery, set on 4.2 hectares of semi-rural land.  Half of the land is currently developed with 2.1 hectares of hill land overlooking the...

Paraparaumu Beach Cemetery

Paraparaumu Beach Cemetery is set on 1.2 hectares of urban land.   Plot map: Paraparaumu Beach Cemetery Plot Map (PDF, 1 page, 1Mb) Hours: Gates ar...

Kāpiti Coast District Council Contact Details

Kāpiti Coast District Council
175 Rimu Road
Private Bag 60601
Paraparaumu 5254

Phone: (04) 296 4700
Toll free: 0800 486 486
Fax: (04) 296 4830 
Email: kapiti.council@kapiticoast.govt.nz

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