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This section details projects currently underway or being planned by the council and the district.

Revitalising the Waikanae Town Centre

Town centres are at the heart of our communities. Our goal is to create vibrant, diverse and thriving Waikanae town centre that is easily accessible, reflects Waikanae’s unique local character, provides a sense of place and attracts visitors and...

Kāpiti Expressway

Kāpiti is set for growth and economic success. Our close proximity to Wellington will be significantly enhanced by the building of the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway, Transmission Gully and the Peka Peka to Ōtaki Expressway (Kāpiti Expressway). Reduce...

Paekākāriki seawall

The seawall on Paekākāriki Beach, which has been in place for 38 years, is to be replaced. The current seawall has deteriorated to the point where it has needed regular maintenance for a number of years and would require a major upgrade to continue to...

Greener Neighbourhoods

Sixty Kāpiti households will spend nine months increasing resilience, building community and reducing their environmental impact.

Stride 'n' Ride Kāpiti Coast

Our district has a great network of cycling, walking and bridleway trails that are safe and accessible for people of all ages and levels of fitness. To make it easy for you to get out and explore our trails we've designed a new easy-to-read map. The ma...

Making SH1 a local road

State Highway 1 is a key resource in our local roading network. It services and connects our communities and facilitates the movement of people, freight and business through our district. Within 24 months of the Kāpiti Expressway opening the current...

Town Centres and Connectors Transformation Project

We want our town centres to be vibrant, diverse and thriving - places where people want to spend their time and where they can access the services they need.

Waikanae Library and Mahara Gallery

The Waikanae Library and the Mahara Gallery have plans to upgrade their respective facilities.

Water Supply Project

The Water Supply Project was set up in 2009 to find additional water supply for the district’s future needs. In September 2013, the river recharge scheme was approved by independent commissioners.  The scheme allows Council to increase the amount of...

Earthquake-prone Buildings

One of the key activities in our Future Kāpiti - Long Term Plan 2015-2035 is to assess the seismic performance of approximately 1500 buildings in the Kāpiti Coast District. Kāpiti Coast is in a zone of high seismic activity. We have five known earthquake faults and it is important we have buildings that are safe to be in and about.

Energise Ōtaki

Helping ourselves to a smart future