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Raumati Road Review Project

Raumati Road is a major community connector road in our local roading network. The Raumati Road Corridor is approximately 1.8 kilometres long and runs between Raumati Beach to the west and State Highway One to the east. It is a busy road corridor with a mix of residential properties, educational facilities, commercial activities and undeveloped land on either side of the corridor.

Now that Kapiti College's changes to Raumati Road (as a result of a new one-way entry into its grounds) are underway, we can confirm our series of improvements to the road which will be carried out over the next eight months. The aim is to address the growing traffic volumes and make it easier and safer for people to move through this area.

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Raumati Road Corridor Community Consultation

In October 2015 Council engaged Opus International Consultants to conduct a study to help inform a long-term Raumati Road Corridor Strategy and a forward programme of transport improvements.

A public consultation process was held throughout November and December 2015. It sought community and stakeholder feedback on transport issues within the corridor and proposed cycle facilities and intersection upgrades.

The Raumati Road Corridor Community Consultation Review 2015 report is now complete and can be viewed here.

Key findings include:

  • Pedestrian and cycle safety and traffic flow are of greatest importance to the community.
  • The Matai Road intersection was perceived as the intersection in most need of improvement.
  • The community is in favour of an off-road cycleway on that is not a shared facility and is not supportive of on-road facilities. There was no clear preference as to which side of the road an off-road cycleway should be on.
  • Many people indicated that they would be more willing to cycle if improved cycleway facilities were provided.

The findings from the Raumati Road Corridor Community Consultation Review 2015 report are now being used to inform the Council’s forward programme of Raumati Road corridor transport improvements.

To view the Raumati Road Corridor consultation and corridor assessment powerpoint, (click here).

To view a map of the Raumati Road review area, (click here).


Raumati Road corridor transport improvements

Council has agreed to progress a number of Raumati Road transport improvements in response to the findings of the Raumati Road Corridor Community Consultation Review 2015 report.

The following improvements were discussed and agreed at the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board meeting on 16 February 2016.

  1. Improve pedestrian and cyclist connections along Raumati Road connecting to expressway
  2. Retain existing carriageway width to allow for on-road cyclists. Retain footpath on southern side.
  3. Cycle path to be located on North side of Raumati Road. This reduces the number of vulnerable users crossing Raumati Road near the Expressway, and avoids crossing Matai Road
  4. Proceed with design for cycle path north side through the CWB ‘Stride n Ride’ programme.
    Design March (2015/16) - Construction 2016/17. Current budget allocation $400,000        
  5. Proceed with design for Raumati Road/Hillcrest Road roundabout and include provision for crossing for cyclists. Detailed design layouts are currently in development and will be available once community consultation and a road safety audit is completed.
    Design 2015/16. Current budget allocation $60,000
  6. As an extension to Hillcrest Road roundabout (and Kapiti College Art’s Centre development) assess the ‘Weka Road triangle’ for road safety improvements.
    Investigate and Design 2015/16.
  7. Consider traffic calming left turn movement into Matai Road due to safety concerns for the vulnerable road users on south side footpath.
    Investigate and report 2015/16.

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