Raumati Road improvements 2017

Raumati Road is one of the busiest roads in the district and connects traffic from Paraparaumu Town Centre and State Highway 1 to the Raumati Beach area.

We’re carrying out a range of improvements in this area to respond to growing traffic volumes, to make it easier and safer for people to move through this area and to better serve the needs of all Raumati Road users.

Our focus areas

Raumati Road roundabout - Hillcrest Road/Goldsborough Avenue intersection

Weka Road triangle

Matai Road T-junction

Consultation & collaboration

Raumati Road roundabout - Hillcrest Road/Goldsborough Avenue intersection

Estimated completion date: August 2017

These works involve:

  • building a roundabout at the Hillcrest Road/Goldsborough Avenue intersection with Raumati Road to improve traffic flow and safety
  • installing pedestrian refuges at each arm of the roundabout – complete but not yet fully operational
  • re-aligning Goldsborough Avenue – complete
  • improving the footpaths
  • building a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists on the north side of Raumati Road which will      extend from the Expressway to Raumati Beach village.

Work programme for week starting 17 July

In the early stages of the July school holidays, we were making good progress and had added resources and extended work hours to push along the roundabout works. Unfortunately the run of bad weather we’ve had has limited this progress. Each time it rains heavily deeper potholes appear, and to make sure the foundations are stable for the final layer, the road needs to be scraped down again and rebuilt. So we're currently running 3-4 days behind where we'd planned to be at this point - and there's more rain on the way.

This week when it's raining our contractors will move up and down Raumati Road to complete works that aren't weather dependent, such as the retaining walls on the edges of some of the footpaths and preparing areas for upcoming works.

When it's fine we’ll continue to prepare the foundations of the road by using a roller to build up the road layers and waterproofing to get it ready for the top layer. When that’s done we can put down the asphalt, which is the final smooth surface you’ll drive on - to do this we need a dry spell of weather because the ground needs to dry out first.

Once the main roundabout works are complete, we'll finish off the footpaths between Weka Triangle and the roundabout, as well as between the roundabout and Matai Road (more information can be found below about the progress and works being carried out at Weka Road).

We’ve got traffic management in place and at times stop/go is needed during work hours to make sure we can work safely around live traffic.

Answers to your questions

Why is this work taking so long?

Parts of this job haven’t gone to plan and we apologise for the disruption, inconvenience and frustration it’s causing. Raumati Road is one of the busiest roads in Kāpiti and building a roundabout and carrying out other improvements around 10,000 or so vehicles a day plus pedestrians and cyclists can be challenging.

Restricted work hours: To avoid disruption during school term we’ve had specific works hours in place for our contractor. This is to avoid causing traffic jams at school drop off and pick up times and minimise disruption to residents. We’re trying to strike a balance but we know these works have been frustrating for everyone. To help make more progress, work hours will extend to 7.30am-5pm during the school holidays, weather dependent.

Shallow services: We’ve come across an unusually high number of shallow services like cables and water mains, which we’ve had to move to allow us to dig down and build up the road surface.

What are you doing about the potholes?

We also know that potholes are a big issue in this area, so we’ve instructed our contractor to be more proactive in managing potholes. During the wet weather we’ve had crews out filling the potholes and keeping an eye on the site.

Managing pothole-prone worksites can be tricky, especially in wet weather and at this stage of the works when potholes appear we need to scrape them down and build up the road again so we can get strong foundations for the final top layer.

Why is this roundabout so big?

This roundabout is being built to highway standards because this is the only road in Paraparaumu west of the Expressway that can take high and over-dimension vehicles. That’s why you might have noticed that the Expressway Bridge is higher than all the others. So big trucks can use the road, the road surface needs to be super thick which means we need to build up lots of layers.

How can I keep updated on progress?

This page will be updated every few days with progress updates. You can also sign up to Everything Kāpiti to keep in the loop on these improvements and other road works in the district.

We know our continued presence in the area is an inconvenience for Raumati residents, particularly around school times, and apologise for the delays and thank everyone for their patience.

We want to hear from you about how it’s going. If you’ve got issues or concerns, the best way to let us know is to email      


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Weka Road triangle

Improvements to the Weka Road triangle started in early May 2017, including:

  • moving the pedestrian crossing on Raumati Road by the corner of Weka Road further towards the Weka Road triangle
  • widening the footpath and extending the no-stopping lines on Weka Road (so there is more space for traffic and parking manoeuvres)
  • adding two new footpaths
  • permanently closing the part of Raumati Road which forks off to form the Weka Road triangle
  • reconfiguring parking spaces on Raumati Road by Raumati Beach School
  • continuing the shared path for pedestrians and cyclists (up to the newly-placed pedestrian crossing).

To carry out these works, parts of the footpath are heavily coned off.

Work planned for week starting 17 July

We've moved the pedestrian crossing poles to their new location and when we get a fine spell of weather, we'll be building the access point where the footpath meets the road – this work is weather dependent. Once this is done, the new pedestrian crossing will be operational. Works continue on the footpaths and retaining walls near footpaths, and works are being carried out to push out the corner at Weka Road and Raumati Road intersection to slow down traffic (number 2 on diagram below). The next steps here are for the kerb to be marked out and poured - but concrete and rain don't mix so we’re relying on some dry weather for this too.

Once the footpaths are complete near the old Weka Road access, we’ve got some work to do to re-level Raumati Road and bring it down to the level of the kerb, so that the area drains properly when it rains. This means over the coming weeks we’ll need to have stop/go running in this area outside of school peak so we can get the work done. More on this when we’ve got confirmed dates.  

While these works continue people should take extra care around this area, particularly during school times, and we encourage people to use the Kāpiti College performing arts centre carpark when dropping kids off at school and picking them up to limit congestion as much as possible.

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Matai Road T-junction improvement works

Works to upgrade the Matai Road T-junction are expected to commence in July/August 2017, including:

  • construction of a left-turning lane into Matai Road (to slow both turning traffic, making it safer for pedestrians at that junction and vehicles going straight ahead, as the addition of a left-turning lane will make the straight-ahead lane narrower, therefore traffic should slow down)
  • a flush median added to Raumati Road (where cars can wait until the eastbound lane is clear)
  • addition of a right-turning bay into Matai Road
  • improvements to the pedestrian refuge on Matai Road
  • re-alignment of the footpath on Raumati Road
  • continuing the shared path for pedestrians and cyclists on the north side of Raumati Road which will extend from the Expressway to Raumati Beach village.


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Consultation & collaboration

The works were decided on after community consultation to identify areas on Raumati Road that needed improvement. Opus International also conducted a study to help inform a long-term Raumati Road Corridor Strategy and a forward programme of transport improvements in October 2015. In addition, Council worked with Kapiti College on its changes to the road. 

You can find out about the public consultation and key findings and read the full report on the Raumati Road Review Project page.

For more information about our Raumati Road improvements email:

or phone 04 296 4631