Raumati Road improvements 2017

Raumati Road is an important road which connects traffic from Paraparaumu Town Centre and State Highway 1 to the Raumati Beach area.

Works to address growing traffic volumes and make it easier and safer for people to move through this area started in January 2017. The three areas of focus include the Weka Road triangle, the Hillcrest Road/Goldsborough Avenue intersection and the Matai Road T-junction (details below).

There will be some disruption while these works are carried out, but the improvements we're making will better serve the needs of all Raumati Road users. We expect works to be completed in June 2017, weather depending.

Hillcrest Road intersection

Weka Road triangle

Matai Road T-junction

Consultation & collaboration

Hillcrest Road/Goldsborough Avenue intersection

Works commenced at the Hillcrest Road/Goldsborough Avenue intersection in mid-January 2017 and include:

  • construction of a roundabout
  • installation of raised pedestrian refuges at each arm of the roundabout
  • re-alignment of Goldsborough Avenue
  • footpath improvements
  • construction of a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists on the north side of Raumati Road which will extend from the Expressway to Raumati Beach village.

Traffic management is in place and areas of the road are heavily coned off, but both lanes are open.


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Weka Road triangle

Improvements to the Weka Road triangle started in early May 2017, including:

  • moving the pedestrian crossing on Raumati Road by the corner of Weka Road further towards the Weka Road triangle
  • widening the footpath and extending the no-stopping lines on Weka Road (so there is more space for traffic and parking manoeuvres)
  • adding two new footpaths
  • permanently closing the part of Raumati Road which forks off to form the Weka Road triangle
  • reconfiguring parking spaces on Raumati Road by Raumati Beach School
  • continuing the shared path for pedestrians and cyclists (up to the newly-placed pedestrian crossing).

Both lanes of the road are open, but parts of the footpath are heavily coned off.

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Matai Road T-junction improvement works

Works to upgrade the Matai Road T-junction are expected to commence in June 2017, including:

  • construction of a left-turning lane into Matai Road (to slow both turning traffic, making it safer for pedestrians at that junction and vehicles going straight ahead, as the addition of a left-turning lane will make the straight-ahead lane narrower, therefore traffic should slow down)
  • a flush median added to Raumati Road (where cars can wait until the eastbound lane is clear)
  • addition of a right-turning bay into Matai Road
  • improvements to the pedestrian refuge on Matai Road
  • re-alignment of the footpath on Raumati Road
  • continuing the shared path for pedestrians and cyclists on the north side of Raumati Road which will extend from the Expressway to Raumati Beach village.


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Consultation & collaboration

The works were decided on after community consultation to identify areas on Raumati Road that needed improvement. Opus International also conducted a study to help inform a long-term Raumati Road Corridor Strategy and a forward programme of transport improvements in October 2015. In addition, Council worked with Kapiti College on its changes to the road. 

You can find out about the public consultation and key findings and read the full report on the Raumati Road Review Project page.

For more information about our Raumati Road improvements email:

or phone 04 296 4631