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Executive Management

This page explains the role of the Executive Management team at Kāpiti Coast District Council, along with contact details and photos.

Chief Executive,

Wayne Maxwell

Phone: 04 296 4894


The principal administrative officer of the Kāpiti Coast District Council is the Chief Executive, who is solely responsible to the elected members for the management of Council's affairs and for all policy advice.

Reporting to the Chief Executive are five Group Managers, along with the Organisational Development Manager, Senior Legal Counsel and Business Improvement Manager.

The Group Managers together are responsible to the Chief Executive for the successful management of the activities outlined below.



Group Manager, Community Services,

Max Pedersen

Phone: 04 296 4752


The Community Services Group is responsible for District Libraries, Arts and Museums, Property Management, Leisure and Open Spaces, Kāpiti Coast Aquatics and Emergency Management.





Acting Group Manager, Corporate Services,

Janice McDougall

Phone: 04 296 4841


The Corporate Services Group is responsible for knowledge management and guiding the way knowledge is shared within Council, with Elected Members and with the Community. It is also responsible for delivering effective financial management processes, including rates levying, audit and financial risk management.

The Group is comprised of six teams - Communications, Information, Communication & Technology, Customer Services, Democracy Services, Rates, Financial Management and Financial Accounting.


Group Manager, Infrastructure Services,
Sean Mallon

Phone: 04 296 4690


The Infrastructure Services Group is responsible for Water & Wastewater Assets; Roading Assets; Stormwater & Coastal Assets; Solid Waste Assets and Wastewater & Water Treatment. It also covers the depot based operations team and the water supply upgrading project.




Group Manager, Regulatory Services, Natasha Tod

Phone: 04 296 4896


The Regulatory Services Group is responsible for Animal Control, 
Building and Resource Consents, Environmental Health, Licensing
and Compliance Monitoring.





Group Manager, Strategy and Planning,
Sarah Stevenson

Phone: 04 296 4828


The Strategy and Planning Group is responsible for developing and delivering the Long Term Plan, Annual Plan and Annual Report.  The Group reviews and develops District Plan policy and provisions under the Resource Management Act.

It is also responsible for strategy and policy management in the areas of social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing and infrastructure development and services.